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As the founder and CEO of PROCheck Inspections, Greg Greenberg brings a wealth of expertise to the industry. With a background in residential and commercial construction & management, Greg established PROCheck with a vision to redefine standards in residential home inspections. PROCheck's commitment to precision, attention to detail, integrity, and client satisfaction has positioned the company as a trusted authority in ensuring the safety and quality of residential properties. Under Greg's leadership and highest standards of professionalism, the company has become synonymous with excellence in the realm of home inspections, providing invaluable insights to homeowners and buyers alike.



PROCheck Services strives to provide world class home inspection services for houses of all shapes and sizes. Our SoCal network includes highly trained, experienced inspectors with more than 120 hours of classroom, in-field, and hands-on technical training. Our team of certified home inspectors are trained to inspect every visible and accessible area of your house, providing the information and level of accuracy home buyers and sellers deserve. After a comprehensive evaluation of 400+ points in your home, we deliver a detailed, yet easy-to-understand explanation of every aspect or our findings with a PROCheck report.


At PROCheck Services, we have the knowledge, customer service, and technology that you should look for when choosing a home inspector. Utilizing advanced technology and equipment in our inspections, we can identify issues that may not be seen with a naked eye. With our advanced technology and a keen attention to detail, we get a deeper look at potential issues, in turn, helping get to the source of any potential problems, and resulting in safety and confidence with your home decision making.

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