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A standard home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of a home. It is conducted by a certified PROCheck Services professional, who will look for defects or issues with the home and its components for overall function and safety.  We will then provide you with a digital photo report of an unbiased opinion of the overall condition of the home for your review within 24 hours from the time inspection is completed. Our standard home inspection evaluates all structural and functional aspects of the property, such as:


1. Structural Components – We examine foundation, walls and roof to ensure stability and safety.

2. Interior & Exterior, Windows & Doors – We will assess for proper operation to ensure they operate smoothly.  We will also examine the following:

✓ Seals and Weathersstripping

✓ Frame and Sill Condition

✓ Glass integrity

✓ Hardware and Locks

✓ Energy Efficiency

✓ Moisture and Water Intrusion

✓ Safety

✓ Screens

3. HVAC & Insulation – We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the heating system and cooling system, including all ductwork, air filters, ventilation, thermostats and controls, safety features, energy efficiency and gneral maintenance recommendations.

4. Electrical Systems - We check wiring, outlets and circuit breakers for potential hazards.

5. Plumbing – We scrutinize pipes, drains and water heaters for leaks or malfunctions.

6. Attic – We  conduct a comprehensive assessment of the attic space to evaluate its condition, insulation, ventilation, and potential issues.  We will check for the following:

✓ Inadequate insulation coverage

✓ Proper installation of insulation

✓ Any signs of damage or deterioration

✓ Proper airflow

✓ Proper ventilation openings, including soffit vents, ridge vents, gable vents, or powered vents

✓ Potential obstructions

✓ Structural integrity – rafters, trusses, and beams will be inspected for visible signs of damage, water damage, or pest infestation

✓ Electrical exposed wiring to ensure that it is properly installed without faulty connections and potential fire hazards.

✓ Plumbing and HVAC components in attic will be assessed for condition, insulation, and any signs of leaks or malfunction

✓ Pest infestation

✓ Safety hazards such as exposed electrical wires, insufficient lighting, or unsafe access points

7.  Basement/Crawlspace – The following key areas would typically be covered during a crawlspace inspection:

✓ Structural integrity

✓ Moisture and water intrusion

✓ Ventilation

✓ Insulation

✓ Plumbing and drainage

✓ Pest infestation

✓ Electrical and HVAC systems

8. Roofing – We thoroughly examine the roof’s condition and functionality, assessing the following:

✓ Type and condition of the roofing material

✓ Signs of sagging, damage, or deterioration

✓ Proper installation and condition of flashing

✓ Gutters and downspouts for damage, clogs, or inadequate drainage

✓ Slop and condition of roof for proper drainage

✓ Signs of leaks

✓ Inadequate ventilation

✓ Overall condition

9.  Fireplace & Chimney – We will provide a thorough assessment of the chimney structure, its flue and liner, and the fireplace components, including a inspection of the chimney cap and crown, flashing and seals, and ventilation and draft. Our inspection will also assess the overall fire safety of the fireplace and chimney system, and provide recommendations for maintenance and repairs based on their findings.

10.  Garage – We will provide a thorough assessment of the following key areas that would typically be covered during a garage inspection.

✓ Structural integrity

✓ Garage door operation and functionality, as well as the presence of safety features like springs, cables and sensors.

✓ Electrical systems

✓ Ventilation and insulation

✓ Fire safety

✓ Flooring & Drainage

✓ Storage and Organization

✓ Pest infestation

✓ Accessibility

11. Safety issues – Assessing various safety issues to ensure the well-being of the occupants is paramount to PROCheck.  Some of the common areas covered during a PROCheck inspection are as follows:

✓ Electrical & Plumbing Systems

✓ Structural Integrity

✓ HVAC Systems

✓ Fire Safety

✓ Stairways and Railings

✓ Windows & Doors

✓ Exterior Safety

✓ Insulation and Ventilation

✓ General Safety Concerns, i.e. the presence of asbestos and lead paint that might be present in older homes

11. Condition of home’s structure

12. Interior & Exterior

13. Roofing

14. Basement/Crawlspace

15. Attic

16.  Plumbing

17. Electrical Systems

18. Heating & Cooling

19. Ventilation

20. Insulation

21. Windows & Doors

22. Fireplace

23. Safety issues

24.  Overall Functionality of all component

Round Pool

Additional “Specific” Inspection Services

  1. Additional ‘On-Property’ Dwellings (Sheds, livable square footage of property.Outbuildings). Note: ADUs are included in Standard Home Inspection if included in total

  2. Sewer Video Scope Inspection

  3. Pool / Spa Inspection

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